Design trends

Inspired by fashion, architecture, nature, and art, we create design trends. We strive to direct our customers towards aesthetics we see and feel. As a result, our windows, covering various collections, are innovative and eternal.

Technological trends

Our lifestyle changes with the help of technology, therefore we should require more from it. We wish to change our living environment from our need for convenience and comfort to what is the best. This poses a lot of challenges before us, which is why we observe the development of the market very carefully, so that we can respond to the needs of the market and to the ever-increasing requirements of the end users.

Katina concept

Enter the world of KATINA. KATINA are highly motivated and their careful work and vast specialized knowledge contribute greatly to its success.

It makes sense to apply and set key standards in sun protection products and windows, which is why the logo was designed in a way to show the rise and visual identity of the products from the KATINA brand.